Top Beauty Spots on Fraser Island

If you’re after a luxurious trip where you can soak up the sun on your own island paradise, consider booking cheap business travel classes on Fraser Island. Located off the south coast of Queensland in Australia, the island is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty, made up of numerous dunes, rainforests and woods.

When you have completed your business class trip to Australia and have settled in, you may want to head out and start exploring this UNESCO World Heritage site. If you want to get all the best beauty spots to find on the island, it is advisable to book a tour with a guided experience.

There are companies all over the world that offer this service and it is well worth spending a day visiting the most beautiful parts of the island.

Among the most fascinating sights you will ever see is Lake McKenzie – a strange cerulean body of water with low ph levels surrounded by soft white sand. You can make some refinements if you like before proceeding to the next stop on your tour.

The Pile Valley is another location you are sure to take with you, and where you will admire the ancient rainforest environment. Dotted with foliage and quiet streams, this is definitely a place that will fill you with the wonder of nature’s beauty.

The Stonetool Sandblow is probably the next place you visit; it is an active sand erosion with few features covered by a forest. As the sand blows across the island, the sky slowly rises from what appears to be a vast desert.

From here, you can make your way to Eli Creek and take in the cool water, traveling from the rainforest to the Coral Sea at 75 Mile Beach. This is your next stop, and you’ll discover the reason it’s called the beach because the sand runs 75 miles!

Here, you can also find Magazine Shipwreck, a trans-Tasman liner that washed ashore in 1935 after it was run out of course by a hurricane.

The last point of interest in your tour will be Pinnacle Colored Sands. The name of the location refers to the colors of the rainbow of sand and rocks in the area, caused by the iron compounds in the sand. The result is incredibly beautiful and something you definitely want to capture on camera!

Fraser Island is truly an excellent option for Australian festivals, sunset, sea and sand, as well as plenty of natural beauty. Book your break today.