Cheap Holidays To The Mediterranean: Take Advantage Of Late Deals And Skydive In The Sun

Looking for a shot at the fun of your beach festivals this year? Of the many cheap trips offered, there is no excuse to restrict that daredevil content. Nab was one of the many late references to sunnier climes and jet off for a warm culinary break with a slice of seasoned sky-tossing. Record the exciting abductions of the air and then settle in for an afternoon sunset in the center of the Mediterranean. Whether you are a complete beginner or a repair pro, there are several drop zones with jaw-dropping views that feature on the Med just waiting for you to drop.

Heaven in Spanish heaven

Book holidays to Barcelona and, after a night of heavenly culture in Spain’s most vibrant city, head to Empuriabrava for a day’s stroll. This quaint coastal town, with beautiful canals and spacious marina, is a mecca for skiers and is known for its Mediterranean skydiving circuits. Perhaps Europe’s largest skyline, this drop zone is mesmerized by its magnificent landscape, which combines mountainous terrain with glistening blue seas. Operating year-round, the skyline is perfect for those who love to take advantage of the holidays and want to get their kicks on short notice. Choose from tandem jumps or different Accelerated Freefall courses and, as all jumps are recorded in high definition, your time in more glorious skins will surely fade in history.

Sky and Snow Adventures, Empuriabrava, Spain. 020 7430 0800

The tandem skydiving on the coast of Israel is severe

If you get a cheap trip to Israel, you’re guaranteed a relaxing holiday in the Med, including the kicks. At least half an hour from Haifa sits in a sunny center of beach with a specialist in tandem skydives. Ideal for beginners who don’t think about interfering with themselves while learning as little theory as possible, this center has a variety of options for abdominal pain. Control freaks can opt for a Challenge Tandem, which will leave it to the master to get you on the parachute course on time, and the talking air wins will keep Sky Tandem’s Jet Tandem, in need. an oxygen mask for heights!

Paradive, Habonim Beach, Israel. 00 972 46391068

The sky in Ephesus was rising on the Turkish coast

Turkey has long been regarded as a prime destination for a holiday on the coast in search of cheap travels, but head to Izmir and you can experience the perfect Turkey holiday experience. Walk near the ancient Ephesus where you will discover the ancient game of heaven. If you give birth to the ruins and loud whispers of the wind on your goggled face, put on your sneak peek at a traditional wrestling match!

Skydive Efes, Izmir, Turkey

Classic skydiving lesson in a volcano

Cheap vacations can often be found on the volcanic island of Sicily, an attractive sun trap and home to a sky-pleasing center. Within the picturesque landscape of Mount Etna try the classic method of setting the sky, the Static Line. Following the 10-hour course, the starters got off the plane at 1,200 meters and were guided to the ground during an intercom. Tandem skydiving is available for those who want a more rapid introduction of the active volcano from above or you can take the longer course Accelerated Freefall and get a glimpse of the gloomy waters of the Bay of Taormina more than seven jumps in bracing.

Skydive Sicily, Mt Etna, Sicily. 00 39 329 126 4876